mikayla kennedy

Booklog#5 Tilt.

Tilt - Ellen Hopkins

Mikayla got grounded for sneaking out to go see her boyfriend her uncle  who's a cop caught them and called her parents. Then she got caught again by her older brother Trace and is grounded even longer. Bri and Harley went on a camping trip with her grandma and her mother. Shane and Alex go and watch FIreworks  together.


Booklog#4 Tilt

Ive gotten a little bit farther in Tilt  Harley goes to see her dad and finds out he has a new girlfriend named Cassie. Shes not quite sure about Cassie until she finds out that she has a son named chad who's close to Harleys age and hes nice to her which is weird for Harley because usually guys are only nice to Brianna her best friend. She is now worried because her dads going to be moving in with Cassie in the town she licves in which is Reno.

Booklog#3 Tilt

I just started the book Tilt by Ellen Hopkins. Im not sure if I like it or not yet. there are # main characters MIkayla,Harley,and Shane. Shane is Gay and MIkaylas Little sister Brianna is Harleys best friend. thats abour as far as ive gotten so far.

booklog#2 Tricks

I just finished the book Tricks by Ellen Hopkins. In the end Eden runs away from the temple her parents sent her to,and then runs away from the guy who helped her escape,she ends up in Las Vegas. Whitney moves to Las Vegas with her boyfriend Bryn who she thinks is the absolute best after a fight with her mother and Bryn gets Whitney addicted to heroin and she almost dies but Ginger her neighbor comes to check on her and saves her.Ginger ran away from home where her mother was no mother at all and moved to Las Vegas with her girlfriend Alex and they become prostitutes for Alexes dads ex Girlfriend and then they get caught by the cops and Gingers grandma come to get her.Chance also got into prostitution and gets beat up by one of his friends boyfriends and almost dies.Seths dad found out that he was gay and kicked him out of the house so he went to go live with his"boyfriend" in Las Vegas,he ends up as a prostitute as well so he moves out then lives with someone else.


Tricks - Ellen Hopkins

    I just started this book and I love it! There are five main  characters in this book and each one is going through different problems  in there life such as, drugs relatioinship and family problems the book is written in prespective of all of them each "chapter" is a different person.